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    Min-EMax-E/Max-E 2.0Dual Max-EFlex-E
    Min-EboardMax-EboardDual Max-EboardFlex-Eboard
     Ride to the office and store away discreetly. The perfect commuting companionSlick Revolutions most popular single motor eboard. Easy to learn, easy to carve and perfect for the commuterRule the streets with dual motors and an ultra slim design. Powerful and fastDesigned for rough tarmac and maximum ride comfort. Deck choice and wheel choice – make it your own and rule the roads with speed and power
    Top SpeedApprox 20mphApprox 20mphApprox 25mph20-22mph with 83mm Road Wheels. 22-25mph with 11mm Rough Stuff Wheels
    Range11-13 Miles11-13 Miles8 Miles9-11 Miles
    Recharge Time 3-4 Hours 3-4 Hours 3-4 Hours 3-4 Hours
    MotorsSingle 1200WSingle 1200WDual 2400WDual 2400W
    BearingsABEC 7 Super Smooth BearingsABEC 7 Super Smooth BearingsABEC 7 Super Smooth BearingsABEC 7 Super Smooth Bearings
    Regenerative Brakes
    USB Output
    Cruise Control
    Parking Brake
    On Board Power DisplayLED Display on Wireless ControllerLED Display on Wireless Controller20% Incremental Onboard LED display20% Incremental Onboard LED display
    Maximum User Weight100kg / 220lbs100kg / 220lbs120kg /264lbs120kg /264lbs
    Climbing Gradient5-10%5-10%15-20%15-20%
    TerrainSmooth tarmac, best suited to flat areasSmooth tarmac, best suited to flat areasSmooth tarmac, or slightly rough ground. Enough power to blast over rougher tarmacRS Wheels: Small Gravel, Rough Tarmac short grass or dry dirt. Hillier areas
    Road Wheels: Smooth Tarmac or some uneven ground
    Length58cm / 23inches91.5cm / 36.5 inches91.5cm / 36.5 inches92cm / 37 inches
    Swappable Decks
    Weight7kg /15.4lbs7.5kg /16.5lbs8.5kg /18.7lbs 8.5kg /18.7lbs
    Mount Rough Stuff Wheels?
    Best useEasy commuting and carrying on public transportBeachfront, town or rural cruising. Perfect for beginnersCruising over shorter distances at higher speed over slightly hilly areasHitting rough tarmac and poor ground, blasting up hills and taking to the rough stuff
    StyleEasy commuting and carrying on public transportAvailable in a range of deck shapes to suit you. Typical longboard designs and a classic ride styleSleek and refined. An understated beastA piece of highly functional art. Sleek design with performance through the roof
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