Slick Electric Scooter


  • Top speed of 20mph (32km/h), 21-mile (33 km) range and a maximum rider weight of 100kg.
  • Folds down and can easily be carried, weighing just 15kg. 
  • 20x more efficient than a petrol car.
  • A front white LED light and rear red LED light keeps you visible. 
  • The 60dB horn also helps you let people know you are approaching.
  • Mini backlit display shows speed in kph or mph, distance travelled, battery life and 3 rider programs. 
  • A Powerful protected Lithium Ion (Li+) Battery sits inside a high grade aluminium body.
  • 250w electric brushless motor is concealed in the rear wheel.
  • ABEC-7 super smooth bearings and 8 inch honeycomb non inflatable rear tyre mean punctures are a thing of the past.
  • Based in the UK with 6 month Warranty and Full UK support and spares available. Tool kit included.
  • Certified in an independent UK electrical test centre. CE, RoHS and RED certificates available.
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Product Description


Integrated Hub Motor: 250W brushless direct current motor.
Working voltage: 36V
Battery: 9Ah Lithium Ion (Li+)
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Li-ion charger: 25.2V, 2A. 100-240V AC, 50/60HZ
750 charging cycles
Front LED light and rear red LED Light


Top Speed: 15 – 19mph (25 – 30kph)
3 rider programs: Slow, Medium and Fast.
Cruise Distance: 21 miles (35Km)
Rider weight limit: 16st (100Kg)
Scooter weight: 33lbs (15Kg)


Body: 32” (81cm) Deck, 35” (89cm) Bars, 15” (38cm) folded height.
High grade Aluminium enclosed body
Wheels: Rear 8-Inch (20cm) Honeycomb hole non inflatable wheel.
Front 8-inch anti puncture inflatable.
Rear brake: Right grip controlled brake
LED Lit Display: Speed in kph and mph, distance travelled,speed mode all on lit LED screen


1 x Slick Scooter
1 x UK Charger
1 x User Guide
1 x Slick Revolution Goodies

Slick Electric Scooter

The Slick Scooter is 20 times more efficient than a petrol car making it the perfect green commuting vehicle. Its a lightweight alternative to a moped- less effort, smaller and more affordable than an electric bike.

The Slick Electric Scooter is truly unique to ride. Effortless acceleration and endless possibilities to go where you like. Whether its exploring the urban environment, commuting to work or simply riding along the shore front, you’re bound to find countless hours of enjoyment.

The powerful 250Watt motor concealed in the rear wheel can drive you for up to 21 miles. Wanna push too? You can add another 10 miles to the range! A lithium Ion (Li+) battery hidden in the deck can be charged up to 750 times with zero memory and a deep cycle it can power you along for 1000’s of miles. Double front suspension and a front anti-puncture inflatable tyre give you added comfort from lumps and bumps wherever you choose to ride.

The Slick Electric Scooter can reach 20mph so is a great alternative to sitting in traffic. A charge time of 5 hours mean you can recharge at work or plug in overnight. The Slick Electric Scooter is as easy as any scooter to ride and can be mastered in just a few hours. A backlit LED display screen displays your speed, distance and battery life and can be viewed in metric or imperial units. Front and rear LED lights make you highly visible and guide the way as well as a horn to get peoples attention, all controlled from the handlebars. 3 rider programs mean you can limit your speed whilst learning to ride.

Your speed is controlled from a lever on the handlebars and can can vary acceleration easily. A hand controlled break helps you maintain control of the Slick Scooter at all times. Folded down easily, it can be carried and stored with ease.

Where will The Slick Electric Scooter take you?

Weight 15kg
Rider Weight Limit 100kg
Top Speed 19mph
Cruise Distance 35 Miles
Battery Life 7 Hours

Additional Information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 95 x 30 x 25 cm

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2 reviews for Slick Electric Scooter

    5 out of 5

    Good Quality Great but it's fun and larger than I thought I got 24 kmph out of it !!! And I'm 94 kg scooter came ready to go just had to put light on 8 turns of a Allen key and good to go.... Hills will slow you down a bit but a quick kick of the leg and job done

    5 out of 5

    Great Scooter and service I've been waiting a while to write this review, I was torn for a while on what I wanted to say about this purchase, there are so many little things about it that I will to say but they're only small details let me tell you though because I'm impressed with how Slick Revolution (Pin Feather Trading) has resolved the issues - The original product was DOA | This was replaced within 2 business days! - A bolt where you stand came out during travel. | It hasn't effected travel, I placed a bit of duck tape over the hole until the new one came through the post, that took 3 business days! - The light on the front vibrated and made a bit of a racket even when tightened. | but that was resolved with duck tape, one loop made travelling a quiet humming like other reviews have said! - Inner tubing was needed due to a puncture, it was during holiday season after speaking to multiple people it took 2 weeks after multiple attempts to receive a new tube, I was even willing to purchase from an alternative source to get back using it. (I believe it's a 50 x 200 inner tube after replacing it so I'll have spares for future as there are places you can purchase these.) Now you're probably wondering with these problems why am I giving this product 5 stars? Well that reasoning is quite simple I major travel anxiety after being a passenger in a car accident earlier last year and since then every morning going to work or anywhere nearby was very stressful for me, took a very long time and was causing a massive mental drain. I was looking like others at purchasing an Electric bike, but didn't want something too big to travel with, so I decided I'd look at scooters. The reason being that if I was in control of my travelling and was able to stop, take a breath and continue, I could do and still get to work or where I needed to be within a reasonable time. This Slick Revolution Scooter fixed all of that for me. - Fun to ride! Agile and great control in terms of start and stopping, - Distance! I get about 13 miles out of this scooter max but keep in mind it has a lot of hill climbs! - Speed 1! After a steady speed for a minute you can let go of the throttle and it'll cruise along with 3 set speeds, - Speed 2! I live in a area with lots of hills, going up a 15 - 20% incline at my weight (11 stone) is possible for it at 7 - 10mph - Speed 3! Downhill private land I wanted to see how fast it could get, roughly 20% (roughly) decline I managed to get 37mph before I had to slow it down. - Terrain! Curbs, It handles them extremely well! | Bumpy paths, suspension takes most of the roughness away! | Dirt, it handles dry dirt really well, careful with small branches and twigs though as one got under the front wheel and if I were going faster i wouldn't know if it would break or have locked up that wheel. Damp/Wet dirt I would advise against, it doesn't handle it too well. - Pin Feather Trading | Great customer service, quick response time, very friendly and you're able to speak to someone if there is an issue most of the time! Very friendly so don't worry about after purchase service as they're great! All in all, this purchase is definitely worth it, I've recommended it to a lot of friends and family and have nothing but praise for the company behind the scooter. Hopefully I'll have the same praise in the next 500+ km!

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