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Designed for rough tarmac and maximum ride comfort. Deck choice and wheel choice – make it your own and rule the roads with speed and power.


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Top Features

Slick Wheels: 22mph Top Speed

Rough Stuff Wheels: 25mph Top Speed

10 mile (16km) range

Designed for poor tarmac and multi terrain

110mm diameter Rough Stuff (RS) Wheels to roll over rocks and lumps

Swap between RS wheels and road wheels

Dual motors for awesome torque and great power

Flexible Deck for added comfort and greater control

On board battery level display


Expert Mode: Top speed 25mph (38kph)

Fun Mode: Top speed 14mph (22kph)

Braking: Strong controller activated regenerative

Cruise Distance: 10 miles (16km)

Rider weight limit: 19st (120kg)

Eboard weight: 19lbs (8.5kg)

Specs based on an 80kg rider at full speed on practice mode


Wheels Rough Stuff 110mm polyurethane (PU) Multi Terrain Wheel or Swap to 83 x 52mm, polyurethane (PU) wheels

Motors: 2 x 1200W Upgraded Brushless Direct Current Motors with Hall Sensor

Deck: 36” (91.5cm) 7-ply Bamboo and Fibre Glass

Bearing: ABEC-7 super smooth bearing

Protection: Water and dust resistant

Griptape: Formulated with long lasting glue for ultimate grip

Controller: Compatible with both standard and advanced controller

carbon flex Eboard Specification Card bamboo flex Eboard Specification Card

Deck Choice

Bamboo Deck

Symmetrical rounded shape with central cutouts for more torsional flex and a more grounded ride. Made from several bamboo layers this deck is flexible and responsive.

Carbon Composite Deck

This smooth responsive deck is the perfect partner to the Rough Stuff wheel. Made from 7 plys of premium Canadian maple fused with a multi layer carbon fibre matrix providing unrivalled ride and control. Toe heel concave to lock your feet for stability while the flexible cambered deck soaks up bumps at any speed.

In The Box



Lots of eboard manufacturers are moving towards integrated battery decks which is fine, but that’s where the Flex-Eboard is different. An integrated battery means you lose the flexibility of the deck, plus you are stuck with one deck design.
Our innovative battery case is flexible and ‘bolt-on’ style meaning you have a flexible more grounded ride and you aren’t tied to a single design. It’s really easy to swap the deck in the future and means that customisation is endless.
We’ve also developed Rough Stuff PU wheels which are far more suitable for UK and European roads. We’re not calling them ‘Off-Road’ wheels as our aim was to give a more comfortable ride on Multi-Terrain, which for most people is poor quality tarmac and light gravel paths. Slick Revolution also wanted to offer the choice, so designed our wheels to fit a standard 35mm bearing and 6 prong sprocket so it can fit ABEC 11 Flywheels and many other brands too.

Flex-Eboard electric skateboard



Who is the Flex-Eboard best suited for?

Dual motors, a flexible deck and awesome specs make this the premium electric skateboard on the market. Suitable for riders up to 120kg wanting power and speed, steeper gradients and rougher terrain.

The Flex-Eboard seems more expensive than other dual motor eboards on the market, why is this?

There are a whole host of electric skateboards on the market and the rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for. Cheap eBay boards will break, its not a matter of IF, but WHEN. Incredible specs, swappable wheels, free wheels, free bag, 12 month warranty and the best support in the business put the Flex-E and Slick Revolution head and shoulders above the rest.

What do you mean by ‘swappable deck’?

All of the components of Flex-Eboard bolt on to the deck meaning that you can swap decks from carbon to bamboo or vice versa if you fancy a change or an upgrade.

Can I swap the Slick Wheels to Rough Stuff Wheels?

Absolutely, just swap the motor covers to the smaller ones (included with each set of Rough Stuff Wheels), swap the wheels and you’re ready to go.

Why are there 2 different top speeds quoted on the website?

The lower top speed of 22mph is for the Slick 83mm diameter wheels. The higher top speed of 25mph is for the Rough Stuff 110mm wheels.


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