Slick Revolution offer a range of wheels to suit all of your electric skateboarding needs, from our 83mm slick wheels to our 110mm Rough Stuff Wheels – the biggest Polyurethane wheels on the planet.

Slick Electric Skateboard Wheels

Ideally suited to smoother tarmac and hard ground. Their smaller size gives greater acceleration and torque but a slightly slower top speed. Compatible with other brands of electric skateboard as well as all of Slick Revolutions range. Perfect for carving.

Rough Stuff Electric Skateboard Wheels

Perfectly suited to rough tarmac, loose dirt and gravel. Roll smoothly over previously bumpy terrain. The 110mm diameter allows you to roll up drop-curbs and forget about small pebbles which would previously have you chewing the tarmac. 12mm contact patch means that carving grip on smooth surfaces is compromised but they really come in to their own on the Rough Stuff.

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