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Installing the Advanced Wireless Controller ChipinAdvanced Wireless Controller
Jul 26th 18

Here is a quick tutorial on how to install the Advanced Controller Printed Circuit Board (PCB) or Chip. Installing the advanced controller chip will not void any remaining warranty although we can not be held ...

Basic OperationinAdvanced Wireless Controller
Jun 20th 18

To turn on the advanced wireless controller hold the ON/OFF switch for 2 seconds until the LCD screen turns on. Once paired to your eboard, to accelerate, hold down the Dead Mans Trigger and push ...

What is durometer?inWheels
Feb 20th 18

Durometer measures the wheels’ hardness. The higher the number the harder the wheel is. 78a – 87a Soft wheel good for rough surfaces, designed for crusing, lngboards and hills. Wears out faster than a harder wheel. 88...

Wheel Size SelectinAdvanced Wireless Controller
Jun 20th 18

Tap press the ON/OFF button to select Wheel size Use the control wheel to swap between 83mm (Slick Wheels) and 110mm (Rough Stuff Wheels). This gives a more accurate speed output due to the ...

Forward/ReverseinAdvanced Wireless Controller
Jun 20th 18

Switch to D for Drive/Forward for normal use of your eboard. Switch to R for Reverse mode (Limited to 6mph).

Battery VoltageinAdvanced Wireless Controller
Jun 20th 18

Press ON/OFF to scroll to the Battery Voltage screen showing real time voltage levels of both the electric skateboard and advanced controller. If 0.00V is displayed, the electric skateboard is disconnected.

Unit of SpeedinAdvanced Wireless Controller
Jun 20th 18

Use the ON/OFF button to navigate to Unit of Speed. Use the control wheel to switch between KM/H and MPH. Press ON/OFF to confirm.

CalibrationinAdvanced Wireless Controller
Jun 20th 18

Tap press the ON/OFF button to select Calibration. Calibration mode helps the Control Wheel position itself and only needs to be done when the advanced controller is paired with a new electric skateboard. Push ...

Experienced Electric SkateboardersinSafety
Feb 20th 18

For those who have ridden before, there are just a few safety considerations to bear in mind. If you’re moving from a single motor to a dual – get used to acceleration and braking. You ...

TroubleshootinginAdvanced Wireless Controller
Jun 20th 18

In order for all of the controllers functions to wok correctly you must install a small chip in to the PCB (printed circuit board) of your electric skateboard. We will be making a video to ...