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    How Should I store my Max-Eboard, Min-Eboard or Dual Max-Eboard?

    Your Eboard should always be stored in a dry place free from dust or moisture.

    What is the maximum user weight of the Eboards?

    The maximum user weight of the single motor eboards is 100kg (16st).

    For our Dual Motor models – 120kg (18.9st)

    I’m at the upper limit of the boards maximum user weight, will this affect performance?

    The range and maximum speed limits of the boards are based on an 80kg rider on smooth flat tarmac.

    How old do I have to be to use the Eboard?

    We recommend that you should be at least 14 years of age and if under 16 years, supervised by an adult at all times.

    Do I need to use safety equipment?

    Helmets, protective wear, appropriate footwear, wrist, knee and elbow protection must be worn at all times.

    Can I use my product in wet conditions?

    The electric board cannot be operated in wet, damp or oily conditions. Due to the electric motor and Lithium Ion battery any exposure to water would result in permanent damage. We generally say that if water is splashing off the wheels when riding, it is too wet.

    Can I run my battery flat?

    It is perfectly ok to run the Lithium Ion battery flat. Running it flat should have no effect on long term battery life. But you should keep the battery charged to over 50% if you’re not using your eboard for more than 1 month.

    What should I do when I get my Eboard?

    When you get your new board you will be eager to hop on board and take it for a ride. But first you will need to charge the board for around 4 hours. In the meantime, carefully read the instruction and safety manual.

    What is the range and running time of the Eboard?

    You can expect to travel up to around 12.4 miles on a single charge which is about 1 – 2 hours ride time. Don’t believe others who say you can travel much further than this as it simply isn’t true. Months of testing our boards have allowed us to provide accurate figures on the longboards performance. The Dual Max-Eboard has a range of 8 miles.

    Our ranges and speeds are based on an 80kg rider on smooth, flat tarmac travelling at around 10 – 12mph. Range will reduce at full speed

    Slick Revolution eboards are water resistant, what exactly does that mean?

    All of our eboards are water resistant which means that they can take a light splash but nothing more. We generally say that they can be ridden on a wet pavement. If water is splashing up off the wheels when riding then it is too wet and can damage the boards electronics.

    My eboard seems to slow, is there something wrong with it?

    No! It is more than likely that you haven’t activated full speed mode. To activate this mode, hold the accelerator all the way forward and then turn the controller on as normal. You can even change modes while riding and there is no need to turn the board on or off.

    How fast can my eboard go?

    Top speed on a smooth flat surface is about 20mph for our single motor eboards. For the Dual Max-Eboard and Flex-Eboard you can expect to reach 25mph.


    What does the 12 month warranty cover?

    Our twelve month warranty covers all manufacturers defects. If you have a problem with your board due to a manufacturers defect we will arrange pickup for free and repair the board as soon as we can, then send it back out to you. We may ask for photos to show the condition of the eboard. If we believe the fault has been caused due to user negligence or water damage we require that the customer covers the postage cost. We can book in very cheap rates.

    We also offer a repair service for eboards which are damaged or broken due to user negligence or accidents both in and after the warranty period.

    What happens after the warranty period?

    We offer an excellent repair service with affordable prices and quick turnaround times. We want you riding not waiting!

    When does my warranty begin?

    The 12 month warranty begins from the date that you purchase your board. There is no need to fill out a form or sign up, it begins automatically with your purchase.

    Does my Warranty pass on if I sell my SR Eboard

    If you are looking to sell your SR Eboard we would be more than happy to take a look over it to verify that the Warranty would still stand. Warranties only continue from sales through authorised Slick Revolution Retailers and Distributors.


    How will I know when my eboard is due to arrive?

    Once your board has been dispatched, we will send you an email with your tracking number. We send all of our boards with UPS who run an extremely reliable service.

    Do you ship to the US?

    We deliver to all of the US and also Canada.

    When will my board be dispatched?

    Orders are dispatched on working days only (Monday – Friday)  and can be dispatched the same day for orders before 11.59am. Please allow 1 working day for dispatch.

    Do you deliver to Europe?

    We deliver to all of Europe. Your basket will update with postage costs once you type in the delivery address.


    Can I run my battery completely flat, and will it damage its life if I do?

    No. There’s no need to worry about over discharging your battery from riding. Our eboards are designed to never fully deplete and so will never come to harm. You should charge the battery up if you are storing your eboard for more than a month as lithium batteries naturally self-discharge and may suffer damage if left for long periods on empty.

    Do the boards show battery level?

    All of our boards battery levels can be monitored via the wireless control. The top light (closest to the power switch) displays the boards power, the middle light displays the controllers battery. Green is more than 70%, amber is between 70% and 25%, red is less than 25%.

    I see a USB port on the boards, whats this for?

    You can charge the remote via USB to micro USB cable straight from your eboard. Want to charge your phone or other tech? You can do that too!

    How long does the controllers charge last for?

    For normal use (some free wheeling but about 80% use when riding) the wireless rechargeable controller will last for 4-6 full battery charges of the eboard.

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