Flex-Eboard electric skateboard launching on Kickstarter

So if you haven’t heard of kickstarter here’s a quick guide to what it’s all about.

Kickstarter.com is a crowdfunding website where individuals or companies launch new innovative and exciting products. Quite often, the cost of launching a new product in to mass manufacture is expensive- molds, production line, logistics etc. soon all adds up to a large sum of money.

That’s where Kickstarter comes in. ‘Backers’ pledge money in return for a product, in our case, the new design of electric skateboard. The pledges are more often than not set at a price well below the anticipated RRP but do go towards covering the costs mentioned above.

It’s a great platform for launching our new design of electric skateboard as it allows people from all over the world to pledge money and helps us to cover the expensive mould costs and allow us to bring this design to life. If it’s a great design and people like it enough to pledge it means we haven’t spent a great amount on a mold for a design which is flawed or not popular. Plus, backers are paying below the RRP so it’s a win, win situation.

The Downsides

So typically with kickstarter there is some kind of delay. So many electric skateboard kick-starters launch with a single prototype design and start to seek backing- which is fine. But for a product like an electric skateboard, the jump from prototype to mass production is huge and takes a lot of time. Who wants to pay £500+ for something they’re not going to receive for over a year? not many people! Plus theres no guarantee that you will actually receive the product you backed.

If the target isn’t reached then the project fails and the backers get their money back. This isn’t to say that its a bad thing for backers but its an incentive for people to back the project and reach the goal.

Why we’re different to many kickstarter campaigns.

We have our production line set up to go in to manufacture as soon as the kickstarter reaches its target. We have a great relationship with our manufactures in China as well as feet on the ground over there. Our internal PCB’s wireless control and technical aspects have all been tested extensively, not only by our team but you guys, our awesome customers in our current range of boards. The new elements of the new design are aesthetic and practical and so its a re-design of a proven model essentially.

Many kick-starters (particulary some US eboard ones) do succeed and reach their target but very often do not come to fruition as those running the campaign have very little manufacturing knowledge. All these measures will help to avoid any delays which so many crowdfunding projects are fraught with. So many kick-starters fall down at this hurdle with no prior knowledge

A Global Reach

At the moment we only really attract customers from the UK and Europe – our primary market. It’s difficult to attract customers from the US – somewhere we wish to expand without spending a ton of money which could be better spent on research and development. Why shouldn’t everyone be able to see and buy our awesome new electric skateboard!?! kickstarter.com is a global site and is US based but has a truly global audience. We hope to get our new design out to people all over the world.

So there we have it. We hope you’re a little bit more enlightened about our kickstarter campaign and if you have any queries please feel free to leave a comment or sent us an email at info@slickrevolution.co.uk

For more information about the new innovations on our electric skateboard please see our blog here:

Also check out our dedicated kickstarter site http://www.electriclongboards.co.uk

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