Electric Skateboard Buying Advice

We get perhaps 2 or 3 emails per day from customers who have purchased elsewhere only to be disappointed with the product and customer service. Whether its buying a £300 board from a private vendor on ebay or from a seemingly reputable company only to find that when you need help, you can’t get in touch at all.

Here’s our quick guide to buying from a reputable electric skateboard company and the pitfalls to avoid.

Based in the UK

Of course there are plenty of electric skateboard companies based outside the UK but what service do they offer? Are you buying from a distributor or the original retailer who knows the product inside out. You don’t want to go buying an eboard from the US ( add in VAT and Duty to the price) to find there are no spare parts available for months. Slick Revolution are the original UK based electric skateboard company.

Here’s our quick guide to buying from a reputable electric skateboard company and the pitfalls to avoid.

Customer Service and Support

Customer Service is important to us, as a small business we will do everything we can to ensure that you, our customer, are happy with our products and service. Its our excellent customer service and awesome tech which really sets us apart from the rest. We want you out shredding not waiting!


With electric skateboards you really do get what you pay for. Yes there are eboards out there for £300 which may or may not arrive directly from a manufacturer or an online only store quoting good range and performance. It’s not really a matter of IF but WHEN they will break. On he flip side you can spend over £1200 in an electric skateboard with great specs. Slick Revolution don’t offer some of the features of the pricier eboards such as an app akin to Strava nor do we have a huge warehouse network pushing our price us unnecessarily.


Yes there are eboards out there for £300 quoting 20mph and a 13 mile range. Dig a little deeper to find reviews of customers finding disappointing ranges and speeds. Search Slick Revolution on Youtube and you’ll find plenty of independent reviews of our electric skateboards, honest, unbiased and unassociated with us. Our speeds and ranges are all real world riding conditions rather than ‘perfect conditions or bench top tested.


All of our electric eboards are certified right here in the UK in an independent test facility. Many on the market claim to have such certification but simply print the relevant marks on the box. Ask for certificates beforehand and check they know what they’re talking about. Dont risk a repeat of the hoverboard disasters 2 years ago which some eboard companies have become known for.

Single or Dual Motor

Slick Revolution offer both versions and they each have their own benefits. A single motor board is lighter but of course has less power than a dual motor board. Typically a single motor eboard has longer range but is better suited to riders sub 90kg or for flatter areas. Dual Motor eboards have more power, faster acceleration and are best suited to confident riders, riders of all weights and either flat or hillier areas.

Drive Belt or Hub

Motor hubs and external motors. External motors (drive belt) fit on to an electric skateboard and power the drive wheel using a drive belt usually in a protective casing. Hub motors mean that the actual motor is within the wheel of the eboard. They look sleek as you can barely tell the board has a motor.

For the same power battery, a drive belt is far superior as the gearing to the wheel can be changes, physics says so. For example the Flex-Eboard has a 3:1 ratio. For every rotation of the wheel, the motor has to turn 3 times. This greatly increases the torque which can be generated from a relatively small motor. In terms of customisation and comfort, belt drive motor setups allow you to swap wheels and you have a much larger layer of urethane (a full wheel not 8mm or so with hub motor) separating you from the uneven ground.


Not only are our eboards inspected independently mid production, we also have a pre shipping Quality Control round and a final QC check just before shipping to each customer. You cannot compromise on quality when it comes to our eboards. Carving at 20mph on rough UK roads takes its toll and we designed our eboards to withstand some serious punishment. Again, you get what you pay for with electric skateboards.


All of our electric skateboards come with a 12 month warranty. A warranty is only as good as the people behind it, willing to uphold it and honour it. Here at Slick Revolution we will always look out for you and even if youre part isn’t covered under warranty we offer super discounted parts and don’t charge for labour.


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