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Our mission is to bring the very best affordable electric transport to EVERYONE. EVERYWHERE. We started our journey in August of 2015 where we set out to develop the best electric skateboards at an affordable price. We wanted sleek, lightweight boards with a high top speed and long range. Our journey continues as we develop more eboards with more features and gizmos. Watch this exciting space…

What is an Eboard?

An electric skateboard or ‘Eboard’ is very simple in principle. It’s similar to a normal skateboard but with a battery and motor strapped on usually controlled via a wireless handheld remote.

Our Eboards can travel for up to 12 miles and hit speeds of 25mph plus have huge torque for hill climbing.

Why Slick Revolution is different

We’re based in the UK, offer a 12 month warranty on all of our tech and our small dedicated team provide outstanding customer service.

Slick Revolution is at the forefront of Eboard technology. Here are just some of the innovations which set us apart from the competition.

  • Deck choices
  • Material choices
  • Single or dual motors
  • Flexible battery technology
  • Off-road to road conversions
  • Variety of wheel colours
  • USB port on all our boards

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