Where the Slick Revolution Began

Robert Simpson first discovered electric skateboards while travelling down the east coast of Australia. He was hooked but could only find extremely expensive boards or extremely cheap.

Robert Simpson

A thirst for business after University plus life on the road and the desire to create something awesome marked the start of Slick Revolution.

The scene in Australia and the US was emerging but eboards were few and far between in Europe and the support, non existant. The goal was clear, to create high performing electric skateboards without the price tag or the frilly bits adding expense – unused apps and expensive, hardware brand collaborations.

We knew we had to take manufacturing overseas to create the high performing but affordable boards missing from the market. Initially Slick Revolution began by retailing electric skateboards directly from our overseas manufacturer with only minor tweaks to their design.

Flex-Eboard electric skateboard

In 2016, Russell joined the team and as an original skater and with a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing the team set about perfecting their own design to exact specifications, designed for the UK and Europe. The Flex-Eboard was born, with Rough Stuff wheels, a flexible battery case and continues to sell to this day.

Flex-E 2.0


In 2018 Slick Revolution had really honed in on what the market wanted, not wanted, needed and our brand new lineup launched on Kickstarter.

Enter stage left the Flex-E 2.0, Urban Kick and Urban 80. We didn’t invent the electric skateboard, we perfected it.


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